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HSBC Sure-Win Everyday Promotion

HSBC Sure-Win Everyday Promotion Terms & Conditions

  1. This Promotion is valid from 1 May 2023 to 31 October 2023 (“Promotional
    “), both
    dates inclusive or such other date(s) as may be determined by HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited
    (“HSBC” or “the Bank“) at its discretion.
  2. This Promotion is only eligible for all new and existing HSBC customers who hold an HSBC
    Everyday Global Account (“Eligible Account“) and who successfully register for the
    by sending an SMS with the relevant information in the following format to 74722 within the
    Promotional Period (“Registered Customer“):

    SUREWIN<space>First 9-digit of their Everyday Global
    Account Number

    (e.g. SUREWIN 123456789)
  3. In each calendar month, Registered Customer(s) can earn one (1) sure win spin
    (“Spin“) as
    long as they qualify for the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards Programme (“Eligible
    details of the programme can be found under clause 7 below. An SMS containing the unique
    code (the “Spin Code“) will be sent to each Registered Customer’s registered mobile
    in HSBC’s records by the end of the next calendar month, barring any unforeseen
    technical delays.
  4. Each Spin can be used to participate in the sure-win lucky draw (“Draw“) for the
    (“Prize“) in the following calendar month (“Draw Period“). All
    Spins must be utilized by Eligible
    Customers by submitting the relevant Spin Code between 1 June and 30 November 2023.
    Eligible Customers can access the Draw at Any unutilized Spin Codes
    will be forfeited.
  5. There will be a total of 18,000 Prizes available to be won for the Draw, in the
    following quantities:

    Prizes Number of Prizes
    One Grand Lucky Draw Chance + S$1 Cashback 10,000
    Two Grand Lucky Draw Chances + S$2 Cashback 5,000
    S$5 Lazada Voucher 1,000
    S$5 Deliveroo Voucher 1,000
    A pair of Golden Village Movie Vouchers 200
    Singapore Zoo Admission for 2 200
    River Wonders Admission for 2 200
    High Tea for Two at Conrad Hotel 200
    Samsonite Apinex Spinner 69/25 200
  6. Eligible Customers with at least one grand lucky draw chance (“Chance“) will be
    eligible to
    participate in the Grand Lucky Draw (“Grand Draw“) which will be conducted by
    31 December 2023.

    Grand Draw Prize(s) Number of Prizes
    Oscar’s Buffet Lunch for 2 at Conrad Hotel 75
    S$500 worth of NTUC vouchers 10
    S$500 worth of NTUC vouchers 10
    One night stay at Centennial Suite with Executive Floor benefits and breakfast
    for 2
  7. The eligibility criteria to qualify for the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards Programme are
    as follows:

    1. for HSBC Premier customers:

      (i) Deposit an aggregate of at least S$5,000 into an Eligible Account in a given calendar
      month via salary crediting and/or inward transfers from a non-HSBC bank account; and

      (ii) Perform a minimum of 5 Eligible Transactions (as defined below) in the same
      calendar month. No minimum spend is required for these transactions.
    2. for HSBC Personal Banking customers:

      (i) Deposit an aggregate of at least S$2,000 into an Eligible Account in a given calendar
      month via salary crediting and/or inward transfers from a non-HSBC bank account; and

      (ii) Perform a minimum of 5 Eligible Transactions in the same calendar month. No
      minimum spend is required for these transactions.

    Eligible Transactions” refer to any of the following:

    1. Posted transactions in SGD made with a HSBC personal credit card;
    2. Posted transactions made with an HSBC Everyday Global Debit Card;
    3. GIRO bill payments in SGD made via an Eligible Account (excluding GIRO bill payments to
      HSBC credit cards and/or self-initiated GIRO payments made from the online/mobile
      banking platform); and/or
    4. Fund transfers from an Eligible Account to a non-HSBC Account.

    For clarity, Eligible Transactions excludes funds transfers made between accounts held by the
    same individual.

    Full Terms and Conditions governing the HSBC Everyday+ Rewards Programme can be found
    here, or on the Terms and Conditions section at the
    following link:

  8. The Prize(s) allocated to each Eligible Customer through the Draw will be determined at
    random by such means and methods (which may be manual or automated) as the Bank may
    determine in the presence of an external auditor at 20 Pasir Panjang Road Level 13 Mapletree
    Business City East Lobby Singapore 117439 or otherwise as advised by an external auditor.
    The selected Eligible Customer(s) (“Winner“) will be notified by post
    (“Redemption Post“)
    and/or SMS (“Redemption SMS“) within ninety (90) calendar days after the date of
    each draw
    (“Notification Date“) (or such other time that the Bank may determine at its sole
    The Bank shall have the right to publish the name(s) of the Winner(s) in the newspapers and
    other promotional, advertising or publicity materials.
  9. The random selection of the Winner(s) for the Grand Draw will be verified by external auditors.
    HSBC reserves the right to change any of the Prize allocation mechanics without giving prior
    notice or reason. HSBC may appoint any party as it deems fit as an external auditor for the
    Prize allocation.
  10. HSBC reserves the right to review and adjust the number of Spins and/or Chances awarded to
    any Eligible Customer(s) without prior notice if the Eligible Account is determined by the Bank
    to have not fulfilled any of the eligibility criteria or any of the terms and conditions of the
    after awarding the Spins and/or Chances. HSBC’s decision will be conclusive and binding.
  11. All Spins and Chances awarded to Eligible Customer(s) are strictly non-transferable
    nor assignable.
  12. Winner(s) must contact HSBC within ninety (90) calendar days from the respective Notification
    Date for any issues in relation to the non-receipt of the Redemption Post or Redemption SMS.
    In the event of any disputes in relation to the Promotion, HSBC’s decision shall be final.
  13. HSBC assumes no liability for any Redemption Post lost during mailing or delivery.
  14. SMS delivery is dependent on the relevant telecommunication service providers. HSBC is not
    responsible in any manner whatsoever for any non-receipt of, or delay in the receipt of, any
    SMS by any party.
  15. The Prize(s) are not exchangeable for cash, rewards points, credit or kind in all cases, whether
    in whole or in part. HSBC may, at its discretion, substitute the Prize(s) with an item of equal or
    similar value without prior notice.
  16. Use of the Prize(s) is subject to the terms and conditions of the merchant(s) providing the
    relevant products and/or services; please refer to the respective merchant(s) for details. HSBC
    is not a supplier of the products and/or services provided by the merchant involved in this
    Promotion and will not accept any liability in relation thereto.
  17. Only personal deposit accounts are eligible for this Promotion. The terms and conditions in the
    HSBC Account User Agreement will apply.
  18. Only Eligible Accounts that are maintained in good standing and conducted in a proper and
    satisfactory manner as determined by HSBC at its discretion at the time of fulfillment will be
    eligible for the Prize(s). In the event that the Eligible Account is voluntarily or involuntarily
    closed, terminated or suspended for any reasons whatsoever before a Prize is accorded to an
    Eligible Customer, HSBC reserves the right to forfeit the Prize(s) at its sole discretion.
  19. The Bank reserves the right to determine at our discretion whether an Eligible Customer has
    met all the requirements of this Promotion.
  20. HSBC reserves the right to revise any of these terms and conditions, or withdraw or alter any
    part of this Promotion at any time without prior notice and/or assuming any liability to any party,
    and shall not be liable to pay any compensation or enter into any correspondence in connection
    with the same.
  21. The Bank may levy an administration charge (early account closure charge) if the Eligible
    Account is closed within six (6) months of the date on which it is opened.
  22. Deposit Insurance Scheme

    Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit
    Insurance Corporation for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by
    law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other
    investment products are not insured.
  23. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and
    parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.