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Pay In Instalments

Split your purchases with ease

Whether its planning on refurbishing your home, going on that well-deserved vacation or just
purchasing that special item you had your eye on, it is easy to make your dream a reality with HSBC’s Pay in Instalments
Payment Plan.

Go easy on your wallet by splitting your purchases as low as S$50* into instalments at 0%
interest across a range of flexible tenors that suits your needs.

Dream It, Split It with HSBC.

Exclusive Offers

Pay In Instalments with these exciting merchants

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Home & Electronics



*Only valid for transactions in stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Pay in Instalments Payment plan lets you convert your credit card purchases at participating
merchants (with the Pay in Instalments logo) into equal instalments that you will repay over a set period
of time.

Each instalment is calculated by dividing the purchase amount by the instalment period evenly. If
there is a remainder, the remaining sum is added onto the last instalment. You will have to pay the
full amount of each instalment on or before the payment due date as stated in your
card statement.

Here are the details of available tenures and minimum purchase amounts:

Instalment Period Minimum Purchase Amount
(Single Transaction)
3 months S$50
6 months S$500
12 months S$500
18 months S$500
24 months S$500
36 months S$500
Instalment Period Minimum Purchase Amount
(Single Transaction)
3 months S$50
6 months S$500
12 months S$500
18 months S$500
24 months S$500
36 months S$500

However, do note that the available tenures vary across the different
merchants. For more information, please check with merchants for the available
tenures offered.

Pay in Instalments Payment plans are available at selected in-store and
online merchants with the Pay in Instalments logo.

Note that some merchants may stop offering the Pay in Instalments Payment plan
from time to time. Kindly enquire with merchants prior to purchase.

As long as your card account is not in default, over its limit, or in breach of our Terms &
Conditions and Cardholder Agreement, you and your supplementary cardholders (if you have any) are
eligible for a Pay in Instalments Payment plan.

You can start any Pay in Instalments Payment plan once your card is activated.

No. Once your transaction is approved at POS or checkout page, none of the options (such as tenure,
price and amount) can be amended.

You will see your Pay in Instalments Payment plan on your next credit card statement together with
the monthly repayment amount. Please note that the instalment plan may take up to 5 working days to
set up, so if you start it just a couple of days before your credit card statement date, you won’t
see it until the following statement.

Yes, there is an early settlement fee of $100. You can repay your entire balance as early as you
like, but it may take up to 5 working days to process.

For any refunds or early settlement, you need to let us know so we can off-set the amount against
the plan to close it off. If you do not inform us about the refund, the monthly instalment plan
will continue to be billed.

If your credit card is cancelled, all your outstanding balances including any instalments that are
yet to be billed will become immediately due and payable in full.

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