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Terms and Conditions:

HSBC x HEPMIL Glow Up Contest

  1. This contest is organized by HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited (Company Registration No. 201420624K) (“Organiser”) and managed by HEPMIL Singapore (“HEPMIL”).
  2. This contest is open to persons (a) currently residing in Singapore and (b) aged 16 years and above on the day of submission during the contest period. The contest is not open to employees of the Organiser who are working on this contest, employees of HEPMIL, and the immediate family of such employees.
  3. The submission period for this contest shall be from 29 February to 30 April 2024 or any other date(s) that may be determined by the Organiser (“contest period”).
  4. Participants may participate in this contest by (qualifying criteria):
    1. Following @hsbc_sg Instagram account.
    2. Submitting a glow up post on the participant’s own Instagram account or TikTok account and using the ‘Bread and Better’ glow up sound track, with the hashtags #GetThisBread #HSBCGlowUpChallenge.
  5. The prize available in this contest is a S$5 Grab gift e-voucher (the “e-voucher” or the “Prize”). The first five hundred (500) eligible contest submissions, as determined by the Organiser and HEPMIL, shall be entitled to win the Prize.
  6. Use of the e-voucher is subject to the terms and conditions of the issuer of the e-voucher. The Organiser is not a supplier of the products and/or services provided by the merchant involved in this contest and will not accept any liability in relation thereto. There will be no replacement of lost, defaced, damaged or stolen Prize (or any part of it) after issuance.
  7. The Prize is non-transferrable, non-redeemable for cash, non-assignable, non-exchangeable and non-replaceable. In the event that a winner selects not to collect or utilize any portion of a Prize, such portion shall be deemed forfeited. The Organiser may, at its discretion, substitute the Prize with an item of equal or similar value without prior notice.
  8. Regardless of the number of submissions made by each eligible participant, the eligible participant will only be eligible to win a maximum of one (1) e-voucher per social media platform.
  9. The first 500 eligible participants that fulfils the qualifying criteria, as determined by the Organiser and HEPMIL will be contacted by HEPMIL’s Instagram (@hepmilcreators) via Instagram direct message or TikTok direct message.
  10. The prize will be sent to the relevant participant through their Instagram’s direct message or TikTok’s direct message by @hepmilcreators Instagram account or @hepmilcreators TikTok account. Participants with private Instagram accounts need to allow “others on Instagram” to send them message requests in order to be notified and receive their prize. Participants on TikTok need to allow “Everyone” under Direct messages settings to be notified and receive their prize.
  11. The eligible winners will be contacted by 21 May 2024 and be sent a e-voucher code.
  12. Each participant agrees that their Instagram or TikTok entry/submission must not contain profanities and must not be vulgar or discriminatory in nature. All entries and submissions that do not meet the qualifying criteria stated in these Terms and Conditions, or are deemed vulgar or discriminatory by the Organiser, will be disqualified.
  13. All participants are fully responsible for their postings and comments, and such postings and comments do not represent the sentiments or opinions of the Organiser.
  14. The Organiser may at its discretion decide to not respond to any postings deemed irrelevant to the contest or for any other reason without prior notice.
  15. By participating in this contest, each participant agrees, and consents to the Organiser and its agents and authorized service providers involved in the contest, collecting, using and/or disclosing (a) information provided to the Organiser (including participants’ personal data) for purposes of facilitating the redemption of the Prize; and (b) the participant’s Instagram or TikTok username, submissions/entries, photographs or audio-video or any other recordings of the participant taken or made in connection with his or her participation in this contest, for or in connection with the Organiser’s publicity and/or advertising materials across all media and platforms in connection with this contest, including—without limitation—the Organiser’s printed publications, presentations, promotional materials and on the Organiser’s websites, whether in its original or any edited format.
  16. The Organiser’s Social Media Community Rules and Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to for more details.
  17. The Organiser may at its discretion revise these Terms and Conditions (including but not limited to varying the contest period) or withdraw this contest at any time without prior notice.
  18. In case of any dispute in relation to the contest in any aspect, the decision of the Organiser shall be final and conclusive.
  19. All information is correct at time of printing or posting online.
  20. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.