Home Campaign

Terms and conditions of HSBC's Home and Furnishing Balance Conversion Plan (BCP) Campaign 2019 (Promotional Period: 5 September to 31 October 2019)

  1. HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited's ("HSBC") Card Balance Conversion Plan ("Programme") is valid for such period as HSBC may determine in its discretion. Only primary HSBC credit cardholders are eligible to apply for the Programme.
  2. All US Dollar cards, corporate cards and The Choice Cards are not eligible for this Programme.
  3. A minimum amount of S$500 in a single transaction is required in order to be placed on the Programme.
  4. To qualify for the promotion, applications must be made within the Promotional Period.
  5. Applications with incomplete fields and/or incorrect information will not be processed.
  6. Transactions carried out in foreign currency will be processed based on the converted amount in Singapore dollar.
  7. Not valid for applications of Balance Conversion Plans made via HSBC SINGAPORE App.
  8. Not valid for transactions related to Cash Advance, Balance Transfer, HSBC's Card Instalment Plan with participating merchants, any interest payable, fees, charges and such other transactions that HSBC may determine.
  9. The processing fee of (i) 3% of the approved transaction amount for the instalment periods of 3 months or 6 months, and (ii) 5% of the approved transaction amount for the instalment period of 12 months, will be imposed upon approval of the application.
  10. Processing fees will be waived across all tenures for transactions made with a HSBC Credit Card, valid for purchases with MCCs 5712, 5713 and 5714.
  11. The processing fee waiver is received in the form of rebates credited into your HSBC Credit Card, capped at S$100 per customer, per redemption.
  12. To participate in this Promotion, a Cardholder must (in no particular order):
    1. From 5 September to 31 October 2019, successfully register their Card by sending an SMS in the following format to 74722: PROMO<space>HOME<space>GIFT<space>16-digit credit card number (E.g.: PROMO HOME GIFT 4835123456789000)
    2. Be the first 500 customers to charge a minimum purchase of S$500 under MCCs 5712, 5713 & 5714 to their Card during the Promotional Period and,
    3. c. successfully apply for HSBC’s Card Balance Conversion Plan via the following methods here within the Promotional Period
    4. SMS registrations in any other format, and/or with incorrect information will be automatically disqualified. An acknowledgement of participation will be sent to each Cardholder that has successfully registered. SMS delivery of such acknowledgment of participation is dependent on the relevant telecommunication service providers. HSBC is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any non-receipt of, or delay in the receipt of, any SMS by any party.

      By registering for this Promotion, a Cardholder consents to the use of his/her personal data by the Bank to contact him/her with updates and offers relating to this Promotion, including the use of the Cardholder’s telephone number and email address to contact him/her via SMS and email.
  13. Each application is subject to HSBC's approval, and a maximum of five transactions can be placed on the Programme at any one time. HSBC will not approve the application if your account is not maintained in good standing or not conducted in a proper or satisfactory manner as determined by HSBC at its discretion.
  14. A notification letter will be sent to your statement address, within six working days of HSBC's receipt of your application, to inform you if your application for the Programme has been approved. You must continue making payment of the outstanding balances reflected on your account statement by the statement due date until you receive such confirmation from HSBC. HSBC will not be liable for any charges, overdue payments or interest charges incurred due to non-payment by you of the outstanding balances reflected on the account statement. The notification letter will not reflect if you are eligible for the waiver.
  15. The processing fee waiver will be in the form of rebates, capped at S$100 per customer credited into your card account by 15 December 2019.
  16. HSBC's Rewards points will not be awarded for the processing fee and/or administrative charges incurred.
  17. If the instalment purchase amount cannot be divided into equal monthly instalments, you agree to pay the difference together with the last Instalment.
  18. A termination charge of S$100 will be imposed for early repayment, change of instalment period, termination of Programme and/or account.
  19. HSBC accepts no liability for the goods and services purchased with HSBC Credit card and placed under the Programme. Any complaints or comments in relation to any goods or service purchased are to be directed to the manufacturer or supplier.
  20. HSBC reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions, and to suspend or terminate the Programme without prior notice at any time. Without prejudice to the other terms and conditions in this agreement and our reasonable right of appropriation, payments made to your HSBC credit card account are applied in the following order of priority, namely: interest charges, late charges, annual card membership fees, cash advances, outstanding balances not under promotional interest rates and balance transfer amounts (if there are multiple balance transfers, payment will be made to the one with the highest interest rate first) on your card.
  21. The personal data which you submit in connection with the Programme will be collected for the purposes stated in HSBC's Data Protection Policy, a copy of which may be found at www.hsbc.com.sg/miscellaneous/privacy-and-security#DPP.
  22. he terms and conditions contained herein are in addition to the HSBC Cardholder Agreement, which shall continue to apply.