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Abundant blessings to you this Lunar New Year

From one and all at HSBC, we hope that the Year of the Tiger will bring an abundance of good things through the wealth opportunities we've curated for our customers all over the world.

Centred around the iconic Chinese character '丰' in our name, '汇丰银行', meaning abundance, we've painted a virtual future of prosperity as our best wishes to you. Be it plentiful love and wealth, bountiful health, a fullness of heart, sustainable wealth, or abundant privileges for you and your loved ones everywhere, we hope that '丰' comes to life for you in the richest and most meaningful manner as the year unfolds.

Crafted from 3D light painting by Chinese calligrapher, Ling Pitts, please enjoy and share this film - a symbol of our progressive approach towards sustainable wealth and a brighter future.

Play our Balancing Ingots game and win up to S$188

Usher in the season of prosperity decked in florals and gold with HSBC's new Lunar New Year game filter. It's a great way to test your balancing game while enjoying a fun filled challenge with your family and friends!

What's more, stand to win up to S$188 worth of Lazada e-vouchers by playing our Balancing Ingots game, just screenshot your winning scene and DM us at @hsbc_sg with #BalancingIngots.

Go to our Instagram page @hsbc_sg for more information about our contest.

How to play:

1:Head to our Facebook or Instagram page and select the Balancing Ingots game filter.

2:The game begins when your recording starts. Make sure you have ample room to tilt your heads to better enjoy the game.

3:Once the timer starts, you will have to balance the ingot by tilting your head accordingly for 15 seconds. The game stops when the ingot drops or if you win the game by balancing the ingot till the end.

Download and send your festive greetings using our Lunar New Year stickers

Spread the festive cheer and with our Lunar New Year 2022 Greeting Stickers. Download our sticker packs on Whatsapp, Telegram and WeChat through the instructions below to share well wishes and auspicious greetings with your family and friends.

On Whatsapp
  • To get started, click on this 'Whatsapp' link.
  • You will be prompted to download 'Sticker.ly'. After you do so, a link will open up in the Whatsapp app for you to proceed.
  • After clicking on 'Add to Whatsapp', you can then access the stickers from the stickers keyboard in the Whatsapp chat box.
On Telegram
  • To get started, click on this 'Telegram' link.
  • A pop up will appear for you to accept and to add the stickers.
  • You may access the stickers from the stickers keyboard in the telegram chat box hereafter.
On WeChat
  • To get started, click on the 'WeChat' app on your mobile.
  • Download the stickers files to your phone, click on the links - EN version | CN version.
  • Switch to 'Chats' tab on the app and open any conversation from your chats.
  • Tap on the 'Sticker' icon beside the WeChat chat box and press on 'settings'.
  • Tap on 'Custom' in order to upload the stickers that you have just downloaded earlier and press on 'Add to Stickers'.
  • You may access the stickers from the stickers keyboard in the WeChat chat box hereafter.

Please note that 'Sticker.ly' , 'Whatsapp' 'WeChat' and 'Telegram' are external third party applications that are not affiliated nor owned by HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited ('HSBC Singapore').

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Create a new better by sharing abundance with your family.
Create a new better by sharing your blessings with the ones you love.
Create a new better by growing your wealth sustainably.
Create a new better with family moments that last more than a lifetime.